雷军与沃兹尼亚克巅峰对话 小米欲借鉴苹果成功秘诀
本文摘要:Xiaomi Inc., the startup that has rattled Chinas smartphone market with its fast-selling handsets, is hoping to capture some of the magic that made Apple Inc. a global success story.在其最畅销手机品牌动摇了中国智能手机市场后,初创企业小米公司(Xiaomi Inc.)期望能糅合一些苹果公司(Ap


Xiaomi Inc., the startup that has rattled Chinas smartphone market with its fast-selling handsets, is hoping to capture some of the magic that made Apple Inc. a global success story.在其最畅销手机品牌动摇了中国智能手机市场后,初创企业小米公司(Xiaomi Inc.)期望能糅合一些苹果公司(Apple Inc.)享有盛名全球的秘诀。The Chinese company, which is planning to expand abroad, paid Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to appear on Sunday in front of reporters at its headquarters in Beijing. Mr. Wozniak showed up at the event--labeled as the Lei Jun Woz Tech Talk--with Xiaomis founder and chairman, Lei Jun, and told reporters that Xiaomis products were excellent and good enough to crack the American market.周日,这家计划进占海外的中国企业在其北京总部举行了一场取名为“极客巅峰对话”(Lei Jun Woz Tech Talk)的活动。

该公司掷金邀来苹果公司创始人之一的沃兹尼亚克(Steve Wozniak),与小米创始人兼任董事长雷军一起参与了活动。面临到场记者,沃兹尼亚克回应小米的产品“十分棒”,“有充足实力打进美国市场”。Mr. Wozniak said he was given Xiaomis flagship Mi 3 smartphone to test. He also received a demonstration of Xiaomis new Mi Wi-Fi router, which comes in a do-it-yourself kit that requires consumers to assemble the device themselves. Mr. Wozniak was later given the kit as a gift, which comes in an elegant wooden box, with his birthdate engraved on it.沃兹尼亚克说道,他获得一台小米手机3(小米主打产品)用来项目管理,还看见了新款小米路由器的加装展示。用户在出售这款路由器时会获得一份DIY套件组,必须自己动手来装配路由器。

后来,小米公司还将一个镌刻他生日的精致套件木箱作为礼物赠送给了沃兹尼亚克。Im playing with mine. I like it so far, and Ill tell you if I have problems, he told reporters. Mr. Wozniak didnt disclose how much he was paid for the appearance, but said he only nets 20% of his original fee. In fact, he said that 15% of his fee goes to a co-broker, 12.5% goes to his agent, 37% is paid in U.S. government taxes and 13% goes to California state taxes. I do not do this for money, he said. If I find things I dont like about the Mi 3, Ill tell them.他对记者说道:我正在试玩版我的小米产品,现在为止我一挺讨厌的,如果我有什么问题不会告诉他你们。沃兹尼亚克未透漏此次活动的明确出场费,只是回应他只赚得初始费用的20%。


实质上,他说道他出场费的15%划给一位牵头代理人,12.5%归他经纪人所有,37%用作缴纳美国政府税,13%用来缴纳加利福尼亚州州税。他说道,我做到这件事不是为了钱。如果我找到小米手机3有什么我不讨厌的地方,我会告诉他他们。Xiaomis corporate culture and rapid ascent has invited some comparisons to Apple. Like the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Xiaomis chairman sports dark shirts and presides over high-profile product releases. As part of efforts to expand overseas, Xiaomi last year hired Hugo Barra, Googles former vice president of the Android mobile operating software, to help develop its international business. Mr. Barra also attended Sundays event.小米的企业文化和近年来的较慢茁壮促成一些人将小米与苹果相提并论。

正如苹果胞弟创始人乔布斯(Steve Jobs)那样,小米董事长雷军每次也都身穿深色T恤上台主持人高级别的小米产品发布会。为向海外扩展,小米于去年聘用了谷歌(Google Inc.)前安卓(Android)业务副总裁巴拉(Hugo Barra)协助公司发展国际业务。巴拉也参与了周日的这场活动。For the joint appearance, Xiaomi shipped in an Apple II -- one of Apples earliest computers -- and ask Mr. Wozniak to sign it. Mr. Lei told reporters that he learned computer programming on an Apple II three decades ago and that Mr. Wozniak was one of his role models.此次活动中,小米还拿走了一台苹果II电脑(苹果最早期的产品之一)请求沃兹尼亚克在上面亲笔签名。

雷军告诉他记者,三十年前他正是在一台苹果II电脑上自学了编程科学知识,他还说道沃兹尼亚克是他的偶像之一。Meanwhile, Mr. Wozniak also provided some of his views on innovation in Asia.沃兹尼亚克还就亚洲的创意发展讲了讲自己的一些观点。


In 2011, Mr. Wozniak told the BBC that a company like Apple was unlikely to have emerged in a strict Asian society such as Singapore. Mr. Wozniak said Sunday that although he doesnt like strict societies, he believes Asia has made important contributions to Silicon Valley in terms of human capital and knowledge.2011年沃兹尼亚克对英国广播公司(BBC)说道,新加坡那种严苛的亚洲社会不太可能辈出苹果这样的公司。沃兹尼亚克在周日说道,尽管他不讨厌严苛的社会环境,但他认同亚洲在人力资本和科学知识方面为硅谷作出的巨大贡献。A lot of our brain power comes from China, he said. Weve needed these elements that have come from Asia for so long.他说道,我们的许多人才来自中国,我们长期以来仍然倚赖亚洲获取这些要素。

Mr. Wozniak said he noticed that Singapore is changing. They actually have quite a bit of great hardware development, and so they have very talented people. They have people that are thinking very much like Xiaomi thinks, he said.沃兹尼亚克说道他注意到新加坡正在再次发生转变。他说道,他们显然在硬件领域获得了相当大的进展,因此他们认同享有十分有才华的人。他指出,这些人才的思维方式与小米十分相近。Finally Mr. Wozniak said he would love to live in Beijing. Its a very comfortable place for Americans ... I want to shop in the little stores that are building components and parts, and plugging in phones and reprogramming them. I love that world -- its certainly where I started.最后,沃兹尼亚克回应他“十分乐意”移居北京。




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